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Hello netters! I’ve slowely began working on our main content here at Sam Claflin Web, starting out with the “Sam” section. There’s still a lot of work left to be done, but I hope to get it completed over the next few days! First page added is an Astrology page, where you can read up on Sam’s star sign and more. What does the stars have to say about Sam’s persona, future and career? Not exacly real facts, but definitly a fun read! Secondly, I’ve now began our exclusive, in-depth biography! Here you get to read all about Sam’s life and career, and we will update it regulary to always contain the latest information. We’ve also made a Contact Sam page, where you can find his fan mail adresse – perhaps attempt to send him a letter? A Quotes page has also been created, but a lot of work remains on this: I hope to get it somewhat completed tommorow.

Like I’ve already stated, these pages are still being tweaked and updated. Lots more pages will be up shortly as well, including trivia, a look at Sam’s changes through the years, style/outfit pages and more so stay tuned for those! We will also begin our career pages in the next few days, as well as provide you with lots of multimedia (animations, icons, wallpapers, avatars, blends, you name it!) and fun pages (games, restyles, interact and more). Remember: we’re always looking for YOUR feedback and requests! If you would like us to add or update a certain page, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we would love to hear your ideas. :) I hope you’ll like the pages so far, and keep checking back here at Sam Claflin Web, for lots of updates the coming days!

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